Apple is Fighting to Free iPhone Supplier Shipments as India Holds Imports From China

Apple is facing a battle to free shipments that are being held up at Indian ports from being processed to China. This has had an impact on Apple suppliers such as Foxconn.

Customs have held more than 150 Foxconn shipments, causing Apple to begin “battling to free stuck shipments”, according to report from Reuters. The shipments in question contain smartphone and electronic parts. The shipments have been held at the Chennai port in India.

The shipment discrepancy has resulted in delays in work in two of Foxconn’s factories. Sources told Reuters that hundreds of workers have had no work due to the lack of resources from the shipments. This whole issue has reportedly put Foxconn “in a very bad state” as many workers stayed in their dorms due to the lack of work. Though, it does appear as though some of the shipments have begun to clear. The total number of parts in each shipment is “unclear”.

The border crisis between India and China has been boiling over. China and India’s soldiers have fought at the border, which ignited a string of boycotts. With disruptions now affecting businesses in a state that has already been stuck by turmoil due to COVID-19, industry bodies and lobby groups are pleading with India’s governing bodies to step in.

Dell has also been affected by border disruptions. This included 130 shipments being stuck at the Indian ports, containing parts for servers and desktop PCs.

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