Alleged Rogers Employee Sounds Off About the Company Online [u]

It’s 2020 and when people are upset they write about it online, especially when it comes to workplace environments. According to a diatribe shared on Reddit, one alleged Rogers employee has sounded off about the company, detailing what the employee claims are “shifty business practices.”

Going by the username of ‘Spunkadushus’, this alleged Rogers call centre employee ranted on the weekend about how the company is no longer offering discounts and promotions, except for “some people”. Essentially, unless the Rogers system has tagged your account for a discount, you may not be getting one.

“If a customer has been with us for 30 years, [versus] a customer that signed up last year, you are both equally likely of getting a chance at a discount right now. We have no loyalty offers unless you count half off crave and HBO for 4 months a loyalty offer, even though its available for everyone,” explains the user.

‘Spunkadushus’ also goes off about how according to their experience, existing Rogers internet customers are apparently “not allowed” to switch to IPTV, even if there is a cheaper price available, citing how no reasons were given by the company for the lack of service migration. Some customer service agents were still moving forward with account changes, despite being told not to.

When it comes to other gripes, ‘Spunkadushus’ says the Rogers call system is unable to take payments over the phone from cellphone-only customers, noting “The program simply does not work,” despite Rogers apparently being aware of the issue.

The Reddit user continues to write about their frustrations with managers, communications, a TV channel look up software that no longer works, and the company’s internal search being ineffective.

The rant by ‘Spunkadushus’ comes in at nearly 2,700 words and at this point are unproven, so take them with a grain of salt.

However, two other Reddit users by the names of ‘Heaven3989’ and ‘ClasslessGent’ did chime in to apparently corroborate the issues written by ‘Spunkadushus’, saying “just want to pop in to say thank you for writing this,” and “as a former business cell care rep all that you said is true.”

We’ve reached out to Rogers for comment and will update this story accordingly.

Update August 4: Rogers says they “continue to offer plans and price points to meet the needs of our customers, including loyalty offers for our residential and wireless services,” adding they also provide “convenient and contactless self-install options with virtual assistance, so customers can easily set-up their Ignite services.”

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