iRobot Launches ‘Genius’ Update for its Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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iRobot released an update for its robot vacuum cleaners on Tuesday to make them a whole lot smarter. Known as the Genius Update, owners now have new levels of personalization when it comes to their cleaning robots.

Along with an update to the iRobot iOS and Android app, it’s now possible to send your robot to clean up a mess within Clean Zones, which are specific areas.

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The Roomba i7/i7+ and s9/s9+ robot vacuums and Braava jet m6 robot mops will get this update to allow you to say, “Roomba, clean around the couch” to your voice assistant or the app and Roomba will know where it needs to go.

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“Using machine learning to automatically detect and proactively suggest Clean Zones around specific objects like couches or dining tables, our customers are better enabled to clean WHERE they need it – in areas that attract the most common messes. They can even do so using their voice. “Roomba, clean in front of the couch.” And it’s done,” explained Colin Angle CEO, Chairman and Founder of iRobot.

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“With event-based automations, recommended cleaning schedules, and favorites, our customers can now more easily clean WHEN they need to. Imagine Roomba and Braava going to work automatically when you leave the house – or setting Roomba and Braava off to clean “after dinner.” Well, imagine no more. This is now possible,” added Angle.

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It’s now also possible to create and save cleaning routines with Favourites, plus also schedule Imprint Link jobs. Users can also schedule their robots to start cleaning when you leave the house.

Users can create Clean Zones to send robots to start cleaning specific objects and areas, while there’s now improved Smart Map education and personalized cleaning recommendations, such as suggested Keep Out Zones and also Seasonal recommendation cleans (during pet shedding or allergy season, for example).

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