Amazon Introduces New Amazon Halo Fitness Band and Health Subscription Service

Amazon has today announced the launch of its new Amazon Halo Band fitness tracker and Amazon Halo health subscription service dedicated to helping customers improve their health and wellness. Both Amazon Halo and Amazon Halo Band are available for early access in the U.S. starting today. 

Halo App and Halo Band

Amazon says its new Halo service combines a suite of AI-powered health features via the new Amazon Halo app paired with the Amazon Halo Band, which uses multiple advanced sensors to provide “highly accurate information necessary to power Halo insights.”

Unlike smartwatches and most fitness trackers, the Amazon Halo Band doesn’t have a screen or constant notifications. The small sensor capsule includes an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light, and a button to turn the microphones on or off, among other functions.

Halo Band Hero Colors

Amazon Halo Band is water resistant for all-day wear and the battery lasts up to seven days and fully charges in under 90 minutes. Customers can choose from three fabric band colors at purchase, with fabric and silicone sport accessory bands available in 15 additional colours.

Below are the main highlights of the Amazon Halo app:

  • Activity: Amazon Halo awards points based on the intensity and duration of movement, not just the number of steps taken. For example, customers will earn points for walking, but will earn more points for running.
  • Sleep: Amazon Halo uses motion, heart rate, and temperature to measure time asleep and time awake; time spent in the various phases of sleep including deep, light, and REM; and skin temperature while sleeping.
  • Body: Amazon Halo lets customers measure their body fat percentage from the comfort and privacy of their own home, making this important information easily accessible.
  • Tone: The innovative Tone feature uses machine learning to analyze energy and positivity in a customer’s voice so they can better understand how they may sound to others, helping improve their communication and relationships.
  • Labs: Amazon Halo Labs are science-backed challenges, experiments, and workouts that allow customers to discover what works best for them specifically, so they can build healthier habits. Customers can choose from labs created by Amazon Halo experts, as well as brands and personalities they already know.

Through the early access period, Amazon Halo will be available for a special price of $64.99 including 6 months of Halo membership (regular price: $99.99). The membership automatically renews for $3.99 per month after the initial 6 months.


Customers can purchase fabric accessory bands for the special early access price of $19.99 each. Six additional fabric color options include: Denim, Hummingbird, Mint Edge, Olive, Unicorn, and Volcano. Customers can purchase sport accessory bands for the special early access price of $15.99 each, with nine color options available: Ash, Black, Dark Mint, Domino, Lavender, Pink Slate, Seafoam, Sunset, and White.