2020 Google Chromecast Devices Launch Imminent Suggests Canada Certification

A pair of Google media streaming devices with codenames GZRNL and G9N9N have just been spotted on the Canada certification website by MySmartPrice, hinting at an imminent launch of Google’s 2020 Chromecast devices.


Previous reports have suggested that an upcoming media streaming device codenamed ‘Sabrina’ from Google will run Android TV OS instead of acting like a simple Chromecast. According to the source, today’s spotting of GZRNL seems to be the same device and has been identified as an interactive media streaming device.

Meanwhile, G9N9N is a wireless device and has only Bluetooth support as per the certification information, and could simply be the remote for the streaming device.

“These devices that we spotted on the Canada certification website had earlier appeared on FCC as Google had submitted documents for devices. To remind, every product with wireless capabilities require FCC certification before it goes for sale in the US. On FCC also, GZRNL appeared as an interactive media streaming device while G9N9N appeared as a wireless device.”

The same source has also spotted a dongle with model number GPJ110 on Indonesia Telecom, which shows Google as its brand name as well.