Public Mobile Gives 1,000 Free Canada-Wide Minutes to Select Customers

You may want to check your text messages and your online account if you’re a Public Mobile customer, as the company is offering up a one-time freebie today in the form of 1,000 Canada-wide minutes.

The Telus prepaid brand sent out a text message yesterday afternoon to select customers, informing them of the gift set to be applied on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

“Tmr [we’ll] be adding 1000 free one-time Canada-wide minutes to your account, making your total bonus 5GB + 1000 mins. See in Self-Serve Sep 2.”, reads the text message.

public mobile 1000 minutes

Back on August 21, Public Mobile gave out 5GB of free data as a one-time bonus to select customers as well.

Did you get this 1,000 free nationwide long-distance minutes add-on from Public Mobile?

Thanks Tom