LG Confirms its ‘Wing’ is the Name of its Rotating Smartphone, Reveal Due Sept 14th

Mockup source: ETNews

LG has confirmed that the name of their rotating smartphone is being dubbed ‘Wing’. A full unveiling of the device is set to take place on September 14th.

It is believed that LG’s Wing will have two screens. Though, rather than a folding form factor, the Wing is expected to be on a swivel, rotating to make a T-shape. LG confirmed the existance of the device through a press release.

The company has stated that the LG Wing will be the “first product to be launched under the Explorer Project”. LG’s Explorer Project is focused on discovering and evoling the way we interact with mobile devices. The Wing is said to be the company’s boldest smartphones which delivers “a new and different form factor and mobile experience that would be impossible to create with conventional smartphones.”

Additionally, a teaser video premiered on LG’s YouTube video, pointing the official September 14th reveal. The announcement of the Wing will take place at 9 AM ET on LG’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

According to a previous report from ETNews, the LG Wing is expected to have a 6.8-inch main screen with a 4-inch sub-screen with a 1:1 aspect ratio. The phone is said to evolve the multitasking nature of smartphones. In an example given, a photo can be pulled up on the main screen while editing functions can be used on the sub-screen.

The LG Wing is also said to have 5G connectivity, running Qualcomm Snapdragon 7. The rear camera array is reported to have three cameras, including a 64-megapixel main sensor. Various devices colours are also expected.