Leak Suggests Apple is Launching an iPhone 12 ‘mini’

According to a couple of plausible leaks, Apple will call the smallest of its new iPhone range “iPhone 12 mini.”

Rumours have long suggested that four phones will be launched during a prospective October event — 5.4- and 6.1-inch models, plus 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Pro models. However, the standard two devices were regularly called iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max before. Now that seems not to be the case.

Established leaker @L0vetodream posted on Twitter earlier this week that the lineup will actually be as follows:

  • iPhone 12 mini – 5.4-inch
  • iPhone 12 – 6.1-inch
  • iPhone 12 Pro – 6.1-inch OLED
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – 6.7-inch OLED

Further proof has been provided by @duanrui1205 (via MacRumors), who posted three alleged sales stickers for official silicone cases. One is for an iPhone 12 mini, while the other two are for an iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12/12 Pro. Interestingly, if true, this also means that cases for iPhone 12 will work on 12 Pro and vice versa.

Apple has used the “mini” moniker before with its iPad mini tablet, so this wouldn’t be entirely new branding (though there has never been an iPhone mini). Switching to mini could help Apple differentiate the naming of its upcoming products. Instead of selling two “Max” models, Apple will sell a mini and Max and a Pro and non-Pro.

By using the mini name, it could signal Apple’s intention to replace the small iPhone SE with clearer branding going forward. If you want the latest, but smallest model, look for the number and the word “mini.” That’s far clearer than trying to figure out how old the iPhone SE hardware is, and means Apple wouldn’t have to update the SE again in future.