Rogers’ Chatr Challenge Tells Customers to Use More Data to Get 5GB Bonus

Rogers prepaid brand, chatr, has launched a targeted promo sent to customers via text message, offering up a 5GB data bonus with specific conditions.

A text message from chatr reads, “As a thank you for being a long-term chatr customer, we’re giving you an exclusive offer: Browse to Bonus.”

“We’re challenging you to use your current plan to get an extra 5GB of data for the next three months,” explains the text message shared on RFD.

Chatr data bonus 2

According to the promo details, chatr will give a user 5GB bonus data for the next three months if they meet the following conditions from October 1-30:

  • use at least 1 MB of data per day
  • use data at least 25 days out of 30 days
  • at least 70% of data
  • use data for browsing, stream music or game

Chatr data bonus

Talk about pretty specific details to get specific users to earn 5GB of data. It appears users aren’t using data as much during the COVID-19 pandemic, so this is one way for customers to use more mobile data. The more mobile data used means the potential for exhausting one’s prepaid plan and buying more data.

Did you get this text message from chatr?