Apple Removes ‘TV Remote’ App From App Store as Functionality is Integrated in Device

Apple has quietly removed the ‘TV Remote’ app from the App Store. The app was initially designed as a way for users to control their Apple TV from an iPhone or iPad.

It’s not quite known exactly when Apple removed the TV Remote app. However, 9to5Mac picked up on the stealthy removal as well as all mentions of the app on any resource page. According to the recent report, a reader even contacted Apple support directly to inquire about the removal and the support agent was unsure about what happened.

The removal of the TV Remote app may not come as a surprise. Integration of an Apple TV Remote has been implemented into Control Centre as of iOS 12. This effectively ended the need for a dedicated app. Via the Control Centre, users can navigate Apple TV by using Siri Remote.

Apple’s support page for setting up the Apple TV Remote on iPhone or iPad no longer includes any mention of the TV Remote app. This heavily implies Apple has ceased support of the app. The only methods seen on the page include setting up and adding Apple TV Remote functionality through Control Centre.

Given that this feature has been around since iOS 12, it is assumed that many users have transitioned over to the integrated remote functionality as it would be faster than the app. As the Apple TV Remote app is no longer supported, users still utilizing the app will unfortunately no longer receive updates.