First iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro Drop Test: Ceramic Shield Impresses [VIDEO]

Iphone 12 drop test

EverythingApplePro on YouTube has just published its iPhone 12 versus iPhone 12 Pro drop test. A series of drops ends up putting Apple’s new Ceramic Shield front glass to the test, which is being touted as 4x better than last year’s front displays.

YouTube video

After multiple drops and even from 10-feet high, EverythingApplePro was unable to break the front glass of the iPhone 12 Pro, but the iPhone 12 did suffer a break. Nonetheless, the channel, known for its drop tests, was very impressed with Apple’s new Ceramic Shield. However, the back glass, which does not have Ceramic Shield, did not fare as well.

“Ceramic Shield is very durable”, says EverythingApplePro, while also noting the frames are prone to bending.

Apple says Ceramic Shield is “made by introducing nano-ceramic crystals — which are actually harder than most metals — into glass. Sounds simple, but it’s incredibly difficult because most ceramics aren’t transparent.”

“By controlling the type of crystals and degree of crystallinity, we developed an exclusive formula that maximizes the toughness of the ceramic while remaining optically clear. This was the breakthrough that made Ceramic Shield ideally suited for the display. It’s a first in any smartphone, and it’s tougher than any smartphone glass,” says the Apple website.

After taking a look at the EverythingApplePro stress test, it’s clear Ceramic Shield is more than just marketing hype. Maybe this is the year to go case-less again?

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