Apple Invites macOS Developers to Join Apple Engineers at Special Labs

Apple has started inviting macOS developers, who have access to the Developer Transition Kit for preparing apps for the upcoming Apple Silicon-based Macs, to join the company’s engineers on special one-on-one labs next week, 9to5Mac is reporting.

Apple silicon

Apple had revealed its plans to transition its Macs from Intel to its own Apple Silicon earlier this year and had also offered a custom Mac mini with the A12Z chip to select developers to prepare their apps for these upcoming new Macs.

The company has said that it wants to bring maximized performance and lower power consumption to the Mac, allowing the platform to make it “better than before”.

Now, Apple has invited the same developers to its special labs so they can learn more about how to prepare apps for the Apple Silicon platform on the Mac. 

“As a member of the Universal App Quick Start Program, you can receive one-on-one code-level guidance from an Apple engineer on optimizing your iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps for Apple silicon Macs.”

Developers who have a Developer Transition Kit can request an appointment with Apple until November 1 at 5 p.m. PST, while the labs are scheduled for November 4 and 5.