4TB iCloud Storage Now Possible as Apple One Storage is Added on Top

After launching Apple One subscription bundles this morning, it’s now also possible to get 4TB of iCloud storage for the first time.

How? The included iCloud storage with Apple One plans are added on top of any existing iCloud storage plan, so if you have a nearly maxed out 2TB plan, the Premier Apple One bundle will add 2TB of storage on top, for 4TB total (via 9to5Mac).

Check out our screenshot below:

4gb icloud storage

Apple’s iCloud storage options are as follows:

  • 50GB – $1.29/month
  • 200GB – $3.99/month
  • 2TB – $12.99/month
  • None

Apple still only offers 5GB of free iCloud storage still in 2020, which is downright embarrassing and insulting to customers paying thousands of dollars for new iPhones and iPads.

In our case, we were paying $12.99/month for 2TB, shared across our family devices. I will most likely axe my 2TB iCloud plan (as you can see we’re nowhere near using 4TB) and pay for Premier at $33.95/month, as that means I get Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+, plus 2TB iCloud storage for “only” an extra $20.96/month (I’m still getting Apple TV+ as part of the free trial and soon an upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max purchase will take it to another year).

Conveniently, there is no 1TB iCloud storage option so people like me need to get the 2TB plan and share it across family devices. Now with Apple One, I’m being corralled into the corner of the Premier plan (“Damn you, Apple. Damn you to hell!”). 

If we were playing poker, Apple would be the ultimate heads-up opponent, expertly extracting just enough money from you, every single time, while keeping you in the hand. It’s no mistake Apple’s Q4 earnings yesterday saw an all-time high when it came to Services revenue. It’ll be interesting to see what Q1 2021 Services will be as it will include revenue from Apple One bundles.

But, since my iTunes account has been funded with discounted iTunes cards from Costco, I’m saving 16% off Apple One (and all my other digital subscriptions and services), so I’m paying $28.52 per month for Premier (boomshakalaka!). Time to keep collecting those empties…

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