iPhone 12 Pro vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Speed Test [VIDEO]

Iphone 12 pro vs note 20 ultra

YouTube channel PhoneBuff is back with another speed test, this time pitting the latest iPhone 12 Pro versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The video shows the new A14 Bionic and 6GB of RAM in the iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.1 take on the Note 20 Ultra, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865+ processor and 12GB of RAM running Android 10.

YouTube video

If you haven’t seen a PhoneBuff speed test before, a series of apps are opened, closed and then reopened again. The steps are timed to see which phone can perform the race the fastest.

First lap

  • iPhone 12 Pro: 1:41:12
  • Note 20 Ultra: 1:55:46

Second lap

  • iPhone 12 Pro: 42.99
  • Note 20 Ultra: 46:02

Final results

  • iPhone 12 Pro: 2:24:11
  • Note 20 Ultra: 2:41:48

Based on the results, the iPhone 12 Pro and its A14 Bionic and 6GB of RAM easily crushed the Note 20 Ultra in both the first lap and second lap, not even giving the latter a chance to come back in the second round, where in previous tests would see an iPhone struggle (there was only 4GB of RAM last year).

The iPhone 12 Pro is running a display resolution of 2532 x 1170, versus 2316 x 1080 for the Note 20 Ultra, and Apple still easily won the race.

According to PhoneBuff, the iPhone 12 Pro is the new speed test champ out of all the devices the channel has tested, to date.

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