Starlink Internet in Canada ‘Awaiting Approval’ from Authorities Says Elon Musk

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has shared an update on the status of Starlink internet in Canada.

On Thursday afternoon, Musk replied to Canadian tech reviewer @LinusTech to say Starlink internet is “awaiting approval from Canadian authorities,” reports Tesla North.

Last month, the CRTC approved a telecom license for SpaceX. It’s unclear when or how far along the approval process is for Starlink internet, which is based on low earth orbit satellites.

Back in June, Musk said Canada was a “major priority” for Starlink internet, which is currently in public beta to select users in the United States. The Starlink kit costs $499 USD and will cost $99 USD per month, with many seeing download speeds beyond 150 Mbps.

For rural Canadians, Starlink internet looks to be the gift from the heavens to combat expensive and slow connection speeds from existing providers. There are currently nearly 900 Starlink satellites in space at the moment, with SpaceX planning to send up to 12,000 to complete the constellation network.

Are you excited at the prospect of testing out Starlink internet? You can sign up on the website to get on the list. Let us know if you’re invited in the near future.