Canada 5G Median Download Speeds Rank Third Out of G7 Nations: Ookla

Ookla winter 5g update

Ookla has shared its latest 2020 Global State of 5G report, which includes details on Canada.

According to Ookla, Canada had the third-fastest 5G median download speed of G7 countries at 209 Mbps, trailing Japan at 217 Mbps and Italy in first place at 230 Mbps, respectively.

When it came to Time Spent on 5G, Canada ranked second out of G7 countries.

Canada 5G G7 countries

As for 5G deployments year-over-year, Canada had a 7,600% increase for Q3 2020 versus Q3 2019.

As for the world’s fastest 5G? “United Arab Emirates topped the list of countries with the fastest top 10% 5G download speed in Q3 2020. Top 10% (or 90th percentile) measures the speeds seen by the fastest 10% of users and is a way to gauge what each country’s networks are capable of. Saudi Arabia was second for top 10% 5G download speed, Norway third, Spain fourth and Japan fifth,” explained Ookla. The UAE saw 5G download speeds of 959 Mbps. Canada wasn’t on this list, as expected.

In Canada, Rogers, Telus and Bell have 5G networks up and running, but it’s not exactly a ‘game changer’ just yet, as the federal government’s 5G wireless spectrum auction isn’t set to take place until mid-2021.

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