Apple to Discontinue ‘Music Memos’ App in March 2021

According to an Apple support document, the Music Memos app will not receive an update after version 1.0.7, and new users will not be able to download it after March 1, 2021 (via MacRumors). iPhone and iPad users running iOS 14 can, however, continue to use the Music Memos app.


Apple further notes that users who have previously downloaded the app will still be able to access it from their App Store purchase history. But at the same time, it is encouraging users to export their Music Memos recordings to their Voice Memos library to make sure they keep all of their recordings.

To export your Music Memos recordings to your Voice Memos library, here’s what you need to do:

Open Music Memos. When “Recording is moving to Voice Memos” appears, tap Export. It can take several minutes to export your recordings to Voice Memos depending on the size of your library. 

Once you’ve exported all your Music Memos recordings to Voice Memos, your recordings appear in Voice Memos in a folder titled “Music Memos.”

If you encounter an error while exporting, you might need to free up space on your device or wait until your Music Memos recordings have finished updating from iCloud.