Microsoft Developing Universal ‘One Outlook’ Mail Client for Windows and Mac

Microsoft is reportedly developing a new Outlook app that will replace the built-in Calendar and Mail apps on Windows 10.

According to The Verge, the new app, reportedly codenamed “One Outlook,” will be a new version of Microsoft’s email client that’s designed for large-screen experiences.

The universal Outlook Web app is designed to replace the default Calendar and Mail apps in Windows 10 as well as the many different Outlook clients available on different platforms, such as Outlook Web, Outlook (Win32) for Windows, and Outlook for Mac.

When completed, One Outlook will deliver a single Outlook product that has the same user experience and codebase regardless of whether it’s running on Windows, Mac, or the web.

In addition to being compatible with multiple operating systems, One Outlook will also have a much smaller footprint and be accessible to both free Outlook users as well as commercial business customers.

Microsoft’s new Outlook client will feature native OS integration as well as support for offline storage, share targets, notifications and more. The company is also working to ensure Monarch feels native to the operating system its running on while remaining universal across platforms.

The new Oiutlook client will enter preview towards the end of this year and Microsoft plans to replace Windows 10’s Mail and Calendar apps with it in 2022.