Bell Price Increase for Select Wireless, Internet Plans Coming in March

Bell wireless bill

Bell has sent out an email to select customers notifying them of a wireless rate plan price increase, starting in March 2021.

The company explains “Our ongoing investments allow customers to stream music and videos, browse and play games, all at blazing-fast speeds. The result is an increase in network demand. This, along with price increases from our suppliers requires us to periodically change our rates for some of our products,” according to an email obtained by iPhone in Canada.

Therefore, wireless plans will increase by $5 per month. An iPhone in Canada reader said they were 8 months into a financing contract on a $75/20GB plan. This will jump to $80/20GB starting in March.

“Starting on your March 2021 Mobility bill date, your smartphone rate plan prices will increase by $5.00/mo,” says Bell.

“We appreciate your business and look forward to continue providing you with the best services and products available,” concludes the email.

Bell will also increase the price of select internet plans in March. When asked about these internet price increases, a Bell spokesperson told iPhone in Canada in an email they were previously announced in November, with rates set to increase by $3-6 per month, depending on plan.

It’s worth noting Bell competitors also increased their prices last fall. Rogers increased select Internet plans by $6 in October, while Telus increased select internet plans by $5 in November.

“The changes support our ongoing network, service and content investments while continuing to provide superior value in a competitive marketplace,” added the Bell spokesperson.

Are your wireless and internet prices set to increase from Bell?

Thanks Gord