LG Display Announces 42-inch OLED TV Panel, its Smallest TV Display to Date

Source: LG

LG Display has announced its 42-inch OLED TV panel ahead of the CES 2021 virtual expo. This new OLED panel is now the smallest the component manufacturer provides.

As reported by The Verge, LG Display has revealed that it will be manufacturing a 42-inch OLED TV panel that will be shipped to manufacturers this year. It’s still unclear which company will have its branding on the display, ready for release. Seeing as though LG Display is merely a component provider, a proper manufacturer will have to step in for consumers to get their hands on the TV.

Many may be quick to predict whether or not LG Electronics will pick it up. Seeing as though CES 2021 is kicking off today, LG Electronics has its showcase of new products scheduled to take place this morning. It’ll be here that the manufacturer announces its new displays and prototypes in the works. According to Korea’s Yonhap, the company’s new G1 OLED evo TV series will be showcased for the first time.

LG Display’s announcement now means that the company will be providing TV panels in 42-inches as well as 48, 55, 65, 77, 83, and 88. Its 83-inch panel will likely be featured in Sony’s Bravia lineup, which was teased prior to CES. The 42-inch display

As more information comes from LG Electronics throughout CES, it can be found on its website. CES 2021’s virtual expo will also feature keynotes from Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia, and more.