Samsung Announces $264 CAD Galaxy Buds Pro Earbuds

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro have arrived.

Samsung today announced the Galaxy S21 series, with improved performance, an all-new design, and more. Alongside the phones, however, Samsung also launched other new devices — including the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds.

Samsung noted that it focused on the Buds Pro sound quality, explaining that the headphones offer “a more comprehensive sound, sporting an 11-millimeter woofer for deeper bass and a 6.5-millimeter tweeter for richer treble.”

The headphones also offer a series of smart features, both to improve audio quality and to help ensure the headphones better integrate with your other devices. Notably, the Buds Pro offer noise-cancellation that Samsung says can reduce background noise by up to 99% — and you can tune the ANC to your preferred level.

The Galaxy Buds Pro also offer an Ambient Sound mode, which can amplify outside sounds for things like having a conversation. And the headphones can intelligently switch between those modes by detecting when you’re speaking.

Another bonus feature is something similar to Apple’s spatial audio virtual surround feature, called 360 Audio. Samsung says it features Dolby Head Tracking technology, which “enables you to stay at the center of the scene when you’re watching a movie or TV show.”

The headphones come in a small and very portable charging case, along with an ergonomic design that’s aimed at offering a comfortable fit. The buds also have an IPX7 water resistance rating in case you sweat or get caught in the rain.

The Galaxy Buds Pro headphones offer 8 hours of continuous battery life, with an additional 20 hours of use with the charging case, without ANC. With ANC, you’ll get only 5 hours of continuous use, with an extra 13 hours thanks to the charging case.

As the “Pro” name suggests, the Galaxy Buds Pro sit at the top of its true wireless, earbuds range as it looks to compete with the Apple AirPods Pro. The buds come in three color options: phantom black, silver and violet.

The Galaxy Buds Pro cost $264.99 CAD and are available to buy from Samsung’s website starting today, January 14. They will be widely available at retail and carrier stores on January 15.