Apple Now Offers $500 USD for Developers to Return Apple Silicon Test Kit

According to a communiqué from Apple to developers that was shared to Twitter by user @stroughtonsmith, the Cupertino, California based tech giant has decided to revise its policy on the return of its Developer Transition Kits (DTKs) in response to massive outcry from the dev community.

Apple’s DTKs were basically ARM-powered Mac minis designed to help Mac developers test their apps and development workflows on, and migrate them to, Apple silicon.

With the first generation of Apple’s proprietary chips — the M1 — now out and powering the latest line of Macs, DTKs no longer serve a purpose.

From the get-go, Apple’s DTKs came with a limited-use agreement. Developers purchased the devices for $500 USD to get early access to Apple’s desktop SoCs, and agreed to return the kits to Apple after a specific period of time in exchange for Apple credit that could be used to purchase a new M1-powered Mac.

With the Developer Transition Kit having served its purpose, Apple recently asked developers to return the devices ahead of schedule in exchange for $200 USD worth of Apple credit that would expire in May.

Apple’s decision was met with rampant backlash from the developer community, which is understandably slighted after receiving units that were dead/faulty on arrival, Apple’s failure to return kits that were sent it for repairs, and the fact that Apple is now asking them to return the kits earlier than agreed.

Image: User @stroughtonsmith on Twitter

Heeding the community’s words, Apple revised its policy. The company is now offering $500 USD (or equivalent in local currency) worth of Apple credit for the return of its Developer Transition Kits.

The credit will be valid until the end of 2021 instead of expiring in May, and can now be put towards the purchase of any Apple product that can help developers with their work.

Apple will issue the credit to developers as soon as they ship their DTKs back to Apple, instructions for which will be communicated to developers soon.