Google Photos Gets Updated Video Editor, New Editing Tools

Google Photos has today received an updated video editor, which, in addition to trimming, stabilizing, and rotating your videos, also lets you crop, change perspective, add filters, and even apply granular edits just like the photo editor.

Google Photos

There are now more than 30 controls available, including brightness and contrast adjustments, and cropping and straightening the frame to focus more on the subject. These new features were previously only available on Pixel devices but will now be offered to all Google One members.

Similarly, some enhanced editing features previously exclusive to Pixel devices are now also being made available to Google One members.

“These effects transform your portraits using machine learning: with Portrait Blur, you can blur the background post-snap, and with Portrait Light, you can improve the lighting on faces in portraits. Both features work for photos just taken or images from the past — even if the original image wasn’t taken in portrait mode.”

A Google One membership starts at CAD $2.79 per month in Canada for 100 GB of storage, and also includes member benefits like premium support from Google experts, Google Store rewards, extended free trials to services like YouTube Premium, and more.