Alberta Fights Netflix Movie: Kids ‘Deserve the Truth’ About Oil Industry

Image: From the trailer of Netflix’s ‘Bigfoot Family’

The Canadian Energy Centre (CEC) in Alberta has a $30 million dollar budget ‘war room’, which has taken up arms against the Netflix kids movie Bigfoot Family, for an inaccurate and villainous portrayal of the oil industry — reports Global News.

This Albertan ‘war room’ is tasked with promoting the energy industry and combating misinformation against responsible energy development and extraction in Canada.

The CEC says 1,000+ people have sent automated letters through its website to the Head of Communications at Netflix Canada, to let them know the children’s movie negatively portrays the oil industry to an audience composed primarily of highly impressionable youngsters.

Released on Netflix last month, Bigfoot Family follows the titular mythical creature and his son as they battle an evil oil tycoon who wants to explode Rocky Valley, a fictional location, for the oil it holds within.

In a statement on Friday, the CEC said, “The film claims an oil company intends to use a bomb to blow apart a mountain landscape within a wildlife preserve, then flood a pristine valley with oil”.

Bigfoot Family wrongly portrays oil and gas extraction to an audience of young Canadians and ignores the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible development”, added the CEC.

The statement also said, “Responsibly produced Canadian energy is needed in the world more than ever as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Children are the future, and they deserve the truth”.

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The CEC currently has an automated system on its website that supporters can use to fill out a form and send a letter to Netflix Canada, encouraging the streaming service to “tell the truth”. Of the 1,000+ individuals that have used the system so far, over half live outside Alberta.

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