Apple Stores Resume Letting Customers on Try on AirPods Before Buying in U.S., Canada

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Apple has started to let customers try on AirPods before buying again at its U.S. retail stores, reports Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Apple Stores in Canada we spoke with over the phone confirmed they are resuming this practice as well, confirming what Gurman’s reporting for locations outside the U.S.

The option of trying on AirPods was widely available prior to COVID-19, but naturally, that was axed as per safety protocols involving coronavirus.

Apple let its retail customers in Asia resume trying on AirPods at stores months ago, but now it available in the U.S. and Canada again.

Customers can head to their local Apple Store that’s open to walk-ins and try on AirPods or AirPods Pro with or without an appointment, says Bloomberg.

Allowing customers to try on AirPods and actually touch something in store is a sign the fight against COVID-19 may be making headway. All of Apple’s retail stores in the United States reopened for the first time earlier this month.

Canada’s Apple Stores remain open and customers do still require face masks, touchless temperature checks and social distancing protocols.