Photos of AirTag Luggage Accessory Surface Online

Source: UnclePan via Weibo

Although Apple has yet to formally announce the existence of its Tile-like accessory, the AirTag, multiple reports have come out surrounding its existence. Now, photos of a third-party accessory have surfaced, depicting a rubber luggage tag attachment.

The photos were first discovered and reported on by 9to5Mac. Sourced from Weibo by a known leaker under the guise of UnclePan, the photos show a small series of rubber accessories Apple’s AirTag may fit into. Reports have indicated that the AirTag is designed to be a small disk-shaped device that can be easily concealed within a bag and small enough to attach to a keychain or other everyday object.

Source: UnclePan via Weibo

In UnclePan’s photos, we see a trio of accessories featuring colours ranging from peach-toned, to light blue, and navy blue. On the bottom, a circular slot is noted, which one can expect the AirTag to easily slip into. Near the top appears to be a slot large enough to be attached to a piece of luggage or a backpack. Based on the report, these are not official Apple accessories but rather sourced from a third-party company.

Apple has not made any official announcement regarding the reported AirTag. However, it’s been said that the new tracker utilizes Bluetooth and Ultra-wideband technology to pinpoint and track the location of objects. Using the ‘Find My’ app, users can locate a misplaced bag or set of keys. Given that the AirTag is not currently announced nor on the market, Apple will be competing within the space alongside Tile, Samsung, and other smaller names like Chipolo and Orbit.

Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event is set to take place later today at 1 PM EDT/ 10 AM PDT/. Although it’s likely that the new iPad Pro models and possibly an iPad Mini refresh will take center stage, Apple could reveal the AirTag and discuss the pricing of the small device.