Twelve South Launches Forté MagSafe Charging Stand for iPhone 12

Accessory maker Twelve South has just introduced its new Forté for iPhone wireless charging stand made exclusively for iPhone 12 and the Apple MagSafe Charger. Simply snap your MagSafe Charger into Forté and you get a dock for your iPhone 12 while it wirelessly charges at a speedy 15 Watts. 

Twelve south

Twelve South’s Forté magnetically holds your phone vertically or horizontally for hands-free use. The platform tilts up to 70-degrees to create the perfect viewing angle or charging pedestal for your AirPods. When it’s time to travel, your MagSafe charger easily pops out to go. 

12s Forte MagSafe Everything PP 1920x

Main features of Twelve South Forté include the following:

  • Pairs with MagSafe Charger for fastest wireless charging possible
  • Holds iPhone in portrait or landscape and tilts 70-degrees 
  • Use as a pedestal charger for AirPods and AirPods Pro
  • Easily insert and remove MagSafe Charger (not included) for travel 

You can buy Forté for iPhone online via Twelve South or for US $39.99.