Survey Shows Apple Brand Loyalty Soars to 93 Percent: SellCell

A new survey shows Apple customers are happy with the latest offerings from the Cupertino company.

Brand loyalty soars to 93 percent as Apple rolled out new products and privacy features over the past year, new data from a SellCell survey shows.

The Apple 2021 New Products Survey provides insights into consumer thought and behaviour in regard to Apple’s latest offerings, including AirTags, the 24-inch iMac, and the iPad Pro. The survey also shows what customers want from future Apple products.

The survey included responses from over 3,000 Apple users over the age of 18 based in the United States.

The data showed various tidbit including the fact that the blue 24-inch iMac is the most popular colour, a significant amount of AirTag users intend to track pets and people, and most users feel most comfortable sticking with the Lightning port on the iPhone.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

  • iPhone and iPad users were asked to pick one feature of iOS 14.5 that they like the best, and the responses were – in order of the number of votes received: App Tracking Transparency (36%), Unlock with Apple (23%), Apple Maps crowdsourced data (13%), ‘Find My’ app with AirTag support (8%), PS5 and Xbox Series X controller support (6.9%), AirPlay 2 support for Fitness+ (5%), Dual-SIM 5G support (4%), New emojis (2.1%), New Siri voices (1.3%), Revamped News and Podcasts apps (0.7%)
  • When asked whether they agree with Apple’s new privacy policies, a majority (73%) said they agree, 18% think the firm might be taking it too far, 9% aren’t sure what to make of it
  • Respondents were asked what they like best about AirTags, and these were the answers – in order of the number of votes received: “reliable as it leverages Apple’s robust Find My network” (42%), “great value for money” (19%), ‘strong privacy features’ (15%), “uses replaceable batteries that last about a year” (10%), “has plenty of accessories” (6%), “personalization with engraved text, emojis, numbers” (5.3%), “better overall design than rivals” (2.7%)
  • Over six in 10 (61%) iPhone and iPad users intend to buy the new AirTag, while 39% aren’t interested
  • 54% think what Apple charges for AirTags is a good deal, 32% think it is reasonable, 14% feel it is expensive and should be cheaper
  • A massive 67% think accessories should come with the device and not be purchased separately
  • Nearly 8 in 10 Apple users (78%) are satisfied with how Apple handles privacy with AirTags, as opposed to 22% who aren’t
  • 57% of those buying AirTags would get the $99 four-pack bundle, whereas 43% would buy them individually for $29
  • When potential AirTag buyers were asked what they intend to track with the device, these were the responses – in the order of the number of votes received: Keys – 42.4%, Pets – 34.8%, Luggage – 30.6%, Bike – 25.8%, Purse / Wallet – 23.3%, Airpods case – 19%, Kids – 15%, Car – 10.2%, Drones – 7.6%, Partner – 6.9%, TV remote – 4%, Laptop bag / Rucksack – 3%, Eyeglasses – 1.1%, Jacket (in a cloakroom) – 0.7%, Other – 0.6%
  • 14% intend to buy the new iMac with M1 chipset, while a majority (86%) said they aren’t interested
  • More than eight in 10 (82%) respondents want to see the Face ID feature on upcoming iMacs and Macbooks
  • Potential iMac buyers were asked to pick their preferred color option for their device, and the responses were – in order of votes received: Blue – 33.4%, Silver – 30.1%, Green – 13.4%, Purple – 8.9%, Yellow – 6.8%, Pink – 4.1%, Orange – 3.3%
  • 24.9% intend to buy the new iPad Pro with M1 chipset, whereas 75.1% said they aren’t interested
  • Of those planning to get a new iPad Pro, a majority (66.2%) want the smaller 11-inch screen model, while 33.8% will go for the 12.9-inch screen variant.
  • When asked to pick the features they would like to see in the upcoming iPhone 13, the responses were – in order of the number of votes received: Return of Touch ID – 21%, Higher refresh rate display (120Hz) – 17%, Smaller notch / Notch-less design – 15%, Return of in-box charger – 12%, Bigger battery – 11%, Better camera features – 8.2%, Faster processor – 6.8%, Compact phone – 5%, Better waterproofing – 2.2%, Foldable design – 1%, Removal of lightning port – 0.8%. Interestingly people are keen to see improvements to privacy features but the uptake for a Folding iPhone 13 may be limited. The removal of a lightning port does not seem a popular choice.
  • A whopping 92.6% are locked into the Apple ecosystem and would never consider switching away to Android

Check out all the data from the Apple 2021 New Products Survey of at SellCell’s website.