Instagram Internally Testing Browser-Based Posting Support

Instagram may finally be giving its browser portal some much-needed love with the testing of a long-requested feature. Evidence of Instagram testing support for browser-based posting has been published online.

Given how long Instagram has been a mainstay in social media, it’s surprising that the browser version of the platform still does not enable users to post photos. However, that may soon change. As reported by MacRumors, developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi identified code that Instagram is testing a method for users to upload pictures and videos to the platform’s web browser.

Paluzzi offered photos showing that Instagram may incorporate a drag-and-drop system for users to upload media. Dropping a photo or video from their computer into the web browser, users can then crop and manage the size of the piece of content. There will also be an option to apply a filter as well as put together a caption with text prior to publishing.

While Paluzzi does touch on the ability to upload photos and video to the web browser, there’s no mention of having access to create Instagram Stories through the browser.

It’s also being noted by Paluzzi that the feature is only being tested internally. There’s been no indication on when to expect Instagram to be rolling the feature out to the public. Paluzzi did say “don’t expect to be able to use it anytime soon”. There’s also no confirmation that the feature will make it out of internal testing either.