Apple Watch Series 7 Pegged for Redesign, New Green Colour Option

The Apple Watch may be poised to receive its first major redesign since the smart watch was originally released.

Matt Talks Tech

As noted by Apple Track, the Apple Watch Series 7, which will likely be released in the fall, may see a slight redesign and be offered in a green hue, per Jon Prosser on the Genius Bar podcast with Sam Kohl.

Prosser said the refresh a “slight redesign,” while Kohl said that the Apple Watch Series 7 would have a design language similar to Apple’s other recent products.

On the podcast, Prosser said that the new Apple Watch could adapt the flat-edge industrial design that currently graces the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPhone 12, and new iMac.

To top it all off, Apple’s next-gen smart watch may also feature a new green colour, similar to the shade found on AirPods Max or iPad Air.

The Apple Watch has seen minor updates to its overall design throughout the years, the most notable being when able grew the screen size without increasing the overall size of the device.

Now that the rumour is here, it does feel like the Apple Watch is ready for its iMac moment.