Rome’s Via del Corso Apple Store Opens May 27th

Apple has announced that its Via del Corso Apple Store location will be opening its doors in Rome this week on May 27th. To drum up excitement, the company has released preview images of the exterior as well as the interior.

In a press release, Apple has shown off the 17th Apple Store to open in Italy. Located in the Palazzo Marignoli, the Via del Corso location maintains the exterior, making it one of Apple’s most significant preservation projects. The structure the Via del Corso location resides in was first constructed in 1873. The exterior sports a large courtyard with four sets of large doors into the retail location. The interior is comprised of minimalist designs as well a large staircase, which has been restored to its original locally sourced Carrara marble.

The Apple Via del Corso will also be the first location to feature the Today at Apple Made in Rome program which is said to “provide the next generation of young Romans with inspiration, skills, and tools to explore their passions.” The program will be led by 40 local artists, who will lead curated sessions and teach seminars revolving around art, film, music, design, and content creation. Additionally, once in-person sessions are viable, free Today at Apple session will take place. These will cover a range of topics like photography, video, coding, art, and music.

“We can’t wait to begin a new chapter in Rome with the opening of Apple Via del Corso,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People. “The new store represents a celebration of the unique history and art of Roman culture, and we hope to inspire creativity among the local community with our Made in Rome program and future Today at Apple sessions.”

The Via del Corso Apple Store now joins the other 117 locations across 12 countries in Europe. The new retail location will staff 200 team members, adding to the 1.8 million jobs Apple has established in Europe across the past 40 years.