Spotify Launches ‘Only You’ Personalized In-App Experience Highlighting Musical Taste

Spotify has launched a new feature called “Only You” to analyze your listening history to reveal your music tastes.

Spotify’s Only You rolled out Wednesday as the music streaming service’s latest personalized experience based on your listening data, similar to its year-end Wrapped recaps that call out the music that defined your year.

However, rather than highlighting what you listen to on the platform, Only You is meant to dive into how you listen with Spotify, with fun gimmicks like an astrological audio “birth chart,” a call-out to a unique pair of artists that you listened to back-to-back, tailored playlists, and other features.

Only You also features a “dream dinner party”: choose three artists you’d invite to a meal, and Spotify will create personalized mixes for each to set the mood.

The feature has a shareable format that could prove a hit on social media. It also provides another way for Spotify to signal that its algorithms promote diverse listening, rather than homogenize popular music.

In a fun twist for friends, you can also try the beta feature “Blend,” which lets you invite a friend with a Spotify account to create a Blend — “a custom tracklist for the two of you filled with songs you already love—and recommendations combining your listening preferences and tastes,” per Spotify.

You can dive into all the features in Spotify’s “Only You” hub from the app. The campaign is available for both free and Premium users and will end on June 30, 2021.