Tesla to Release Full Self-Driving Beta 9 to Testers on July 10

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just confirmed on Twitter that the highly-anticipated Full Self-Driving beta version 9 will finally be released to beta testers on Saturday, July 10, Tesla North is reporting.

Tesla FSD beta chestnut street

Musk tweeted the following earlier today:

FSD beta 9, which will exclusively be available to beta testers, will have an “improved FSD screen” said Musk, adding it will be “attempting to show the “mind” of the car.”

As for the ETA on the FSD beta download button many have been waiting for since April? Musk replied, “depends on how the limited beta goes. If it goes well, maybe a month or so.” Yeah, in other words, keep waiting for that FSD beta download button, folks.

Regarding the exact release date and time for FSD beta 9, Musk added, “beta 9 will start uploading at midnight California time on Friday. Bear in mind, it is still just a beta!”.

Full Self-Driving beta 9 is expected to utilize Tesla Vision (Autopilot relying on just cameras and no radar) and also have big changes to the software’s Neural Network for an improved self-driving experience.