Apple Watch Series 7 to Launch Later in September as Production Issues Improve: Kuo

Apple has apparently solved the production issues it was facing in regards to the unannounced Apple Watch Series 7 ahead of its official reveal. With mass production now expected to start mid to late September, it’s expected that the new model will indeed launch later this month.

According to Ming Chi-Kuo, an Apple analyst at TF International Securities, the Apple Watch Series 7 is on track to release later in September. Kuo released a new investor’s note, seen by MacRumors.

The production issue of the Apple Watch 7 is mainly related to the panel side. However, it has been resolved, and mass production of panel modules will begin in mid-September.

At the time when reports began filtering in that Apple is facing issues, the exact details regarding Apple’s production issues weren’t specified. Though, it did revolve around the new design. Apple Watch Series 7 is reported to have adopted the flat-edge design seen on the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. It’s also said that the new model will release with larger 41mm and 45mm dial case options. Kuo remarks that the new model had more production processes because of the change in design.

One aspect that played into this was the display panel and its use of a contact design. Rather than the previous cable design, the Apple Watch Series 7 apparently uses a new OLED production line to improve efficiency and will reduce panel costs. New suppliers have entered the folds such as  LGF, Young Poong, and Jabil.

“We expect Jabil to start mass production of Apple Watch 7 panel modules in mid-September,” said Kuo in the note. Based on this new schedule, the analyst says the end product will start mass shipments in late September.

It would appear as though Apple is on track once again to begin shipping the Apple Watch Series 7 later this month. With Apple holding its upcoming event on September 14, it won’t be long until we see the Appl Watch Series 7 revealed alongside the iPhone 13 and new AirPods.