Apple Says Motorcycle Engines Can Permanently Damage iPhone Cameras

In a new support document published on Friday, Apple warned customers of the potentially disastrous (and permanent) impact vibrations from high-powered motorcycle engines (or similar sources) can have on an iPhone’s camera — reports MacRumors.

According to the support document, prolonged exposure to certain vibrational frequencies, such as those from a roaring high-powered motorcycle engine, can cause permanent damage to iPhone‌ cameras with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) or closed-loop autofocus (AF).

The OIS and closed-loop AF systems in iPhone are designed for durability. However, as is the case with many consumer electronics that include systems like OIS, long-term direct exposure to high-amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges may degrade the performance of these systems and lead to reduced image quality for photos and videos. It is recommended to avoid exposing your iPhone to extended high-amplitude vibrations.

As such, Apple advises users to prevent direct physical contact between their iPhones and sources of strong vibrational frequencies, such as motorcycles, electric scooters, and strong electric motors (as well as channels that carry the resulting vibrations, such as the chassis of a running motorcycle.

If attaching your iPhone to something of this kind is absolutely necessary, Apple says you should at least use a vibration-dampening mount while doing so.

iPhones that come with OIS and/or closed-loop AF, and are therefore prone to this potential risk, include the iPhone 7 and above, along with the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.

The iPhone 13, expected to be unveiled September 14, is rumoured to come with improved sensor-shift Optical Image Stabilization, although that probably won’t grant the upcoming iPhone immunity to camera impairment from strong vibrations.