iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Life Test: ‘Miles Ahead of Anything Else’ [VIDEO]

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Tech YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss has shared an iPhone 13 lineup battery life test, comparing it to the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE.

The test runs each iPhone through a series of apps, continuously running until each phone’s battery runs out of juice. This time around with the iPhone 13 lineup, Apple has increased battery life and has set new records for the channel, specifically the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

According to Mrwhosetheboss, after the 5-hour mark, the iPhone 13 Pro Max still had 52% battery life left, breaking every record so far on the channel. The battery life test took so long, Mrwhosetheboss said he had to “reschedule plans for the evening”, due to filming the test. It was also the first time his timer iPhone also gave a low battery warning, due to the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasting so long.

In the end, the iPhone 13 Pro Max stayed on for nearly 10 hours, achieving 9 hours and 52 minutes of battery life. Mrwhosetheboss said the largest flagship iPhone is in a “league of its own.”

In second place was the iPhone 13 Pro with 8 hours and 17 minutes of battery, hitting the top five to ten of all phones ever tested on the channel. This year, the iPhone 13 Pro battery outlasts the iPhone 13, whereas that wasn’t the case last year for the iPhone 12 lineup.

Below is the full ranking of battery life times, from least to greatest:

  • iPhone SE: 3h 38m
  • iPhone 11: 4h 20m
  • iPhone 12: 5h 54m
  • iPhone 13 mini: 6h 26m
  • iPhone 13: 7h 45m
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 8h 17m
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 9h 52m

YouTube video

The iPhone 13 Pro Max battery life, according to Mrwhosetheboss, is “miles ahead of anything else.”

Other recent iPhone 13 lineup battery life tests also concluded the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a beast when it comes to battery life.

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