GQ Magazine Interviews Apple Engineers Behind the iPhone 13 Camera

In an exclusive interview with GQ Magazine UK, Apple’s VP of camera software engineering Jon McCormack, and VP of camera hardware engineering Graham Townsend have detailed how they perfected the iPhone 13 camera for enthusiasts.

Iphone 13

“Collect your iPhone, take the photo, and don’t get lost in questions like ‘Is there enough light?’ or ‘Do I need to go into settings?’” said McCormack, noting that this has been “the defining ethos for iPhone photography” since day one and it has stood the test of time.

Taking about the new Cinematic mode in iPhone 13, McCormack explained that it was a long process with “lots of windy roads.”

“We’re not just looking at the depth of every single frame, but there’s also this thing called temporal stability: as we move between frames with people moving, how do we make sure you don’t end up with weird edges and stuff like that?”

“We’re not asking for the impossible, but we are asking that the camera achieves the best it can every year,” said Townsend. “Over the past ten years we’ve seen a dramatic improvement, but there is no rest.”

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