Download: Ontario Vaccine Passport App Scanner for iPhone and Android

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Ontario has released its vaccine passport app for scanning QR codes, called ‘Verify Ontario’, in the App Store and Google Play.

“Verify Ontario gives businesses and organizations a quick, easy and trusted way to scan and confirm that visitors are fully vaccinated,” explains the iPhone app’s description.

The Verify Ontario app will scan QR codes from the province’s issued vaccine certificates.

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“After scanning a QR code, the business or organization will see: a green checkmark indicating that it meets vaccine requirements, a red X for an invalid certificate, or a yellow warning indicating that the QR code cannot be read,” explains the app.

The Verify Ontario app will also scan QR codes from BC and Quebec. Ontario says nationwide capabilities are being worked on as provinces jump on board SMART Health Card QR codes for proof of vaccination.

The apps went online ahead of a Friday announcement coming from the Doug Ford government.

“This is for businesses and organizations to scan the QR code that will be made available to individuals,” said Ford’s spokesperson Ivana Yelich, to CTV News. “To ensure the app was available to businesses and organizations in real time tomorrow, the verification app was added to app stores today.”

As for when Ontario will release a vaccination QR code? That is apparently coming on October 22, 2021.

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