Meta (Facebook) Smartwatch Image Leaks Inside iOS App

Meta smartwatch

According to Bloomberg, a new smartwatch coming from Meta Platforms Inc., (formerly known as Facebook), has leaked from one of the company’s iOS apps.

The discovery was found by developer Steve Moser, with the image located inside the Facebook View iOS app, and shared with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The watch appears to be codenamed internally as “Milan”.

The image shows a round screen with curved edges and also a camera on the front bottom, which likely would be for a video call. This would be a feature that’s currently unavailable on Apple Watch.

The leaked smartwatch also has a detachable wrist strap, while a button looks to be at the top of the watch case.

Sources tell Bloomberg a Facebook smartwatch has been planned for 2022, with three generations of the device being worked on. It’s unclear if the image leaked is just a prototype or final smartwatch design, but it does prove the idea exists.

Earlier today, Facebook renamed its company to Meta, while it also said it was working on a new mixed virtual and augmented reality headset, known as “Project Cambria.”

Now, I don’t know who would want a smartwatch from Meta (Facebook), unless it has more compelling features than an Apple Watch (which to be honest hasn’t any major changes in years).