Apple to Offer iPhone XR Loaners During Lengthier Repairs

Apple will soon offer the iPhone XR to customers as loaner phone during lengthier repairs.

An internal memo shared by MacRumors says that beginning November 4, Apple will begin offering an iPhone XR, replacing the iPhone 8 loaner previously offered.

According to the memo, Apple Stores and Apple’s Authorized Service Providers will start offering the newer iPhone as a loaner later this week.

“iPhone XR will be available as a loaner starting November 4, which will be an upgrade over the iPhone 8 that Apple currently offers as a loaner,” the memo explains. “As a one year newer device than the iPhone 8, the iPhone XR has more modern features like Face ID and Dual SIM support, and the iPhone XR also has a newer A12 Bionic chip for faster performance.”

A customer is eligible for a loaner if their iPhone must be mailed off to an Apple center for service — only then will they be eligible for a loaner iPhone XR which they can use for free until their phone is given back to them.

As for how long users get to keep it, users will be able to use the loaner while their phone is still being repaired, and that it needs to be returned back to Apple no more than 14 days after the date that Apple notifies them that their iPhone is ready for collection.