Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls DIY Repair Announcement the ‘Next Big Thing’

In an interview with KTLA’s Rich DeMuro at the opening of The Grove Apple Store in Los Angeles, Apple CEO Tim Cook briefly talked about the company’s decision to introduce a DIY repair program while calling it the “next big thing.” (via 9to5Mac)

Cook interview

“Well, we realized that there were some people who wanted to do this and that are trained to do this,” Cook said during the interview. “They’re the Popular Mechanics crowd if you will, which I love and have been focused on my entire life,” he added.

Cook continued that it’s a great idea to put the manuals and the parts out there that allows people to do this. “Still, if you’re not comfortable doing that, we encourage you to come in the Apple Store and get it done for you. That’s still the best way for most people,” he said.

The Apple CEO also teased company’s future plans regarding artificial intelligence, autonomy, and AR.

“We’re very focused on augmented reality, we’re very focused on artificial intelligence… we’re very focused on autonomy, we’re very focused on all these things that are core technologies, and we’ll use them in a variety of ways,” stated Cook.

Then I asked if Apple would have something that is the “next big thing,” and he said, “Of course… Apple will always have something that is the next big thing. And fortunately we have a lot of things that are the current big things.”

You can check out the interview in full below.

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