Streaming Service Twitch Rolls Out SharePlay Support on Official App

Popular video streaming service Twitch is rolling out SharePlay support to its official app.

The gaming-focused streaming service announced it has rolled out an update that makes it possible for groups of up to 32 people to view Twitch content simultaneously on an iPhone or iPad.

Users will naturally need iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1 — which introduced SharePlay earlier this month — as well as the Twitch app installed on their devices.

Everyone on the call will need to log in to the Twitch app — the service explained that each person will count as an individual viewer. The first time you open a stream while you’re on FaceTime, Twitch will ask whether you want to play it for yourself or everyone on the call, and it will remember your choice.

If you choose to share it with everyone, SharePlay will sync the stream on everyone’s devices, so they’re all watching the same moment simultaneously. Play and pause controls will sync across devices too.

The integration isn’t perfect yet, though. There’s no support for the Twitch Apple TV app right now, and people on a Mac also can’t join. The functionality only works on iOS 15.1 or later, which is when Apple brought SharePlay to mobile devices. Also, anyone with a non-Apple device or computer can’t join, since SharePlay relies on Apple’s FaceTime platform.

Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platforms around. It’s a welcome addition to the growing lineup of services that support SharePlay, which Apple rolled out last month in iOS 15.1.