Leading Automakers Believe Canada Needs Millions of Charging Stations

Brian Kingston, president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association (CVNA), has said that Canada needs to be building millions of EV charging stations, Tesla North is reporting.


Canada currently has about 15,000 public and semi-private EV chargers, with at least another 2,000 in various stages of construction with public funding.

The CVNA, which is comprised of Ford, General Motors, and the new multinational automaker Stellantis, believes a comprehensive, national EV charging network needs years of careful planning and hefty investments.

“We haven’t done the planning and we haven’t put the investment into a charging network,” Kingston said. 

To keep pace with Europe’s goal of having one public charger for every 10 EVs, Canada will need almost four million chargers by 2050, said Kingston. To get to California’s goal of one for every seven vehicles, the country will need to build a whopping six million chargers by 2050.

A recent study commissioned by Natural Resources Canada found that Canada will need, on average, one charger for every 20 EVs by 2025.

The Canadian government has already designated nearly $880 million CAD to build over 65,000 new charging stations for plug-in hybrid and batter-electric vehicles (BEVs).