Twitter Begins Testing Quote Tweet with Reaction Feature on iOS

Twitter has announced that it has begun testing a new “quote tweet with reaction” feature on iOS. This new feature enables users to retweet and add a video reaction to it prior to posting, rather than quote tweeting with text.

In a post published by Twitter Support, it was announced that the “quote tweet with reaction” feature would first be tested and available on iOS. It’s undetermined which markets or how wide of a testing audience will have access to the feature.

When accessible, users will be able to tap the ‘Retweet’ icon. A new option will appear dubbed ‘Quote Tweet with reaction’. When selected, users can record a video or take a picture. The original tweet will be overlayed on top of the recorded media, ready to be published afterwards.

As of now, there does not appear to be a way for users to control who will be able to react to their tweets. This has led to some users becoming skeptical of how harassment will be handled on the platform.

Twitter appears to have taken inspiration from both TikTok and Instagram. Both platforms have introduced similar reaction-style tools. Though, both are applied to reactions to videos. Instagram recently introduced reactions to its Reels, where users can record their own video next to other user’s Reel.

There’s currently no word on how long Twitter will be testing this feature nor when it could migrate over to Android.