Tesla Model Y Heat Repair to Cost Nearly $5,700 in Canada

According to a member of the Tesla Model Y Canadian Group on Facebook, a recent no-heat fix for his particular Model Y turned out to be around CAD $$5,700, which included parts, labor charges, and 13% tax in Ontario, TeslaNorth is reporting.

Model Y model 3 hero

“Got to my destination, I left the car alone and went inside, before departure again I decided to “defrost car” before leaving and of course heat was working fine,” said the Toronto-based Model Y owner.

Next, he submitted a work order to Tesla via the company’s mobile app and “got a response pretty quickly and was told to bring it in.”

The repairs, which were fortunately covered by Tesla under warranty, consisted of replacing refrigerant pressure/temperature sensors, the A/C line from the supermanifold to the compressor, and the A/C compressor itself (heat pump), he noted.

The fix for his Model Y will take a week and he was provided a loaner Model S in the meantime.

“Others chimed in on Facebook to say they had a similar full heat pump replacements on their Model Y vehicles last winter as well, and one owner claimed they were on their fourth replacement. Many worried about owning a Tesla with a heat pump out of warranty, due to the high cost of replacing the heat pump system, should issues continue to arise.”

While Tesla service has told customers an upcoming software update is coming to address the no heat problem, its release is unknown at this point.