‘Locket Widget’ iPhone App Skyrockets to #1 in the App Store in Canada, USA

Created by former Apple WWDC student Matt Moss, a new photo-sharing app called Locket Widget has soared in popularity over the week to become the no. 1 free app in the App Store in the U.S., Canada, and beyond (via FastCompany).

Locket widget

Once you install the widget, you can see live pictures from your friends, right on your Home Screen. “It’s like a portal to the people you care about, a little glimpse at what they’re up to throughout the day,” the developer says.

“Here’s how it works: when a friend sends you a pic, it instantly appears in your Locket widget on your home screen. To send a response, tap the widget, take a pic, and send it to your friends’ Home Screens. It feels like magic when your Locket updates with something new!”

Moss originally built Locket for his girlfriend. He put it live in the App Store on New Year’s Day, and after a walkthrough of the UI went viral on TikTok, it shot up the charts in the App Store.

As you continue to use Locket, you’ll also build up a history of pictures you’ve sent your friends. You can also scroll down in the Locket app “to travel back in time and explore your history.”

Moss is already considering a subscription model for Locket and is also planning to launch more widgets.