Apple Grants Time Extension for Indie Film ‘Apple-Man’ in Trademark Lawsuit

Earlier this week, iPhone in Canada first reported the indie film ‘Apple-Man’, created by Ukrainian director Vasyl Moskalenko, was facing a lawsuit from Apple, opposing the former’s trademark for his movie, which was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

On Friday, Moskalenko provided an update on his legal situation and Apple-Man, noting Apple had approved his request for a time extension in the legal case, he explained to iPhone in Canada in an email. He added, “that’s really kind of [Apple],” noting, “I was running out of time for negotiations and they’ve me more time.

Moskalenko released a video below, thanking his supporters and particularly Apple, for giving him a time extension.

“This is unbelievable! I am so overwhelmed by this support! Thank you very much, to all people and all countries!,” said Moskalenko, saying media coverage reached over 100 countries.

Moskalenko didn’t specify how long of an extension was granted by the iPhone maker, or his next steps for his film. We’ll provide an update on this story once we hear back.

According to Moskalenko in an email, he now has until March 1, 2022. Originally, he filed a motion for a time extension back on January 12, but it was only now that Apple responded, by filing a statement of non-opposition to his extension request.

The filmmaker told iPhone in Canada he is getting ready to negotiate with Apple and hopes to come to an agreement with the company.

It’s not uncommon for Apple to defend its trademark against smaller companies. In the past, we saw how the app Prepear faced legal proceedings from Apple, over the former’s logo trademark, with both parties eventually settling the case.