‘FluTooth’ Fixes macOS 12.2 Bluetooth Battery Drain Issue

Image: @fishjourner on Twitter

macOS 12.2, which rolled out late last month alongside iOS 15.3, is plagued by a frustrating bug that causes Bluetooth to constantly drain your MacBook’s battery while it is in sleep mode, which your MacBook automatically goes into when you close the lid without completely shutting it down first.

The bug has been reported on MacBooks powered by both Intel chips and Apple Silicon.

Sleep is supposed to be a low power state that uses up little to none of your battery, making this issue a major inconvenience for those affected by it. Apple will hopefully fix the bug in macOS 12.3, which is currently in beta, but you might not necessarily be dead in the water in the meantime.

In comes FluTooth — a simple macOS utility that consists of two Shortcuts, designed to disable Bluetooth when your MacBook goes into sleep mode, and re-enable it when it wakes up.

“FluTooth is a simple Mac utility that turns off Bluetooth when you close your MacBook, and turns it back on when you open it again,” says creator Jordi Bruin.

To use FluTooth, head on over to the utility’s Gumroad page and follow the provided instructions, which essentially require you to install two Shortcuts — one that turns Bluetooth off when your MacBook goes to sleep, and another that turns it back on when the notebook wakes up.

FluTooth is free to download and use but anyone who wants to can tip the creator for their work, which we recommend you do if the utility does manage to fix this problem for you.