Apple Debuts New ‘Escape From the Office’ Video, Highlighting Essential Small Business Products

Apple has debuted a new video dubbed ‘Escape From the Office,’ highlighting essential products and apps for remote workers and aspiring startup businesses.

The company has long championed its ‘Apple at Work’ campaign. Dating all the way back to 2019, Apple released a video starring ‘The Underdogs,’ a group of employees working at a corporate office. Last year, we saw the group working remotely. Now, The Underdogs are back and have decided to form their own startup company. As such, the group of four brainstormed and come up with an idea to create a bag as their first product. Their idea is to create a bag that is better for the environment and stronger than regular bags.

YouTube video

Apple hardware, software, and services work together to give your employees the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing — whether you’re running a startup, scale-up, or global enterprise. See how four misfits turn a brilliant idea into a booming small business with the power of Apple.

As the nearly nine-minute-long video continues, we’re shown various features of Apple products. Highlights include the use of Wi-Fi sharing, group FaceTime, AR, document signing, and more. The video also showcases the iPad, MacBook, and iPhone very heavily, as expected.

In addition, Apple uses the video to promote the company’s ‘Apple Business Essentials’ platform. This was launched late last year and brought device management, onsite repairs, 24/7 phone support, and more to companies with fewer than 500 employees.

The video ends with The Underdogs on their way to pursuing their dreams. Knowing Apple, this won’t be the last we see of them. Perhaps we get an update on this ongoing story next year, in time to promote newly introduced products and services.

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