Uber Canada to Launch Temporary Fuel Surcharge Due to Higher Gas Prices

Uber canada

Uber Canada announced on Friday it will soon launch a temporary fuel surcharge to “help offset the increase cost of gas.”

The following fuel surcharges are set to launch on Wednesday, March 16:

  • $0.50 surcharge on every Uber ride
  • $0.35 on every Uber Eats delivery

Uber says 100% of all surcharges will “go directly to drivers and delivery people,” with the fee temporary for the next 60 days. The company will continue to monitor gas prices over the next weeks and months and “will likely make changes to the surcharge.”

“We know drivers and delivery people are feeling the sting of higher prices at the pump, so we’re rolling out a temporary fuel surcharge to help address record gas prices,” said Laura Miller, Head of Policy and Communications for Uber Canada, in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

“This consumer surcharge will apply to rides and deliveries with 100% going directly to drivers and delivery people. Our hope is that this temporary measure will help ensure earnings remain high for drivers and delivery people. We’ll continue to listen to feedback and make changes if needed,” added Miller.

Uber says over the long term it will work to encourage its driver fleets to switch to electric vehicles. The company says higher earnings are possible for EV drivers as part of the Uber Green Future Program, which offers $1 more per trip (up to $4,000 per year).

Gas prices have been rising recently to record highs, with some linking the surge to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; record prices have been seen lately, up to 208.9 per litre in Victoria, British Columbia, as of writing.